Current Post-Asbestos Abatement Evaluations

on September 28th, 2021
In 1977, the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the use of asbestos in many materials, including drywall taping compounds. Building material suppliers were still allowed to continue selling their stockpiles...

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What is the Asbestos Final Rule?

on September 21st, 2021
Read the EPA Asbestos Final Rule Documentation in its entirety here...

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Asbestos, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis & Lung Cancer: What You Need to Know

on September 14th, 2021
It has been estimated that over 80% of mesothelioma cases are caused by asbestos exposure. At the same time, we are reading stats year after year that 10,000+ people are dying each year from asbestos-related mesothelioma....

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What to Know About Mold

on September 7th, 2021
Mold is a natural part of the worldwide environment and is necessary for life on earth.  Most mold is not a problem… unless it begins...

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Asbestos and Fires

on August 24th, 2021
When a fire breaks out in your home, even a relatively small one, it may cause significant asbestos contamination. Airborne asbestos contamination due to a fire can be extremely dangerous....

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The Risks of Lead Exposure (Part 2)

on August 17th, 2021
Prolonged exposure to lead-based paints and other products carries the risk of many adverse health effects. Learning about the dangers of lead exposure and how to avoid them can help everyone from homeowners to...

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