Multi-family property owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their properties are safe and free from hazards, including asbestos. There are some precautions that property owners need to take to protect the occupants of those properties from the potential hazards of asbestos.  The precautions listed are common to all structures occupied by humans, although other precautions may be germane to single family homes, offices, factories and schools.

Identify Asbestos-Containing Materials

Property owners should have their properties inspected by a licensed asbestos inspector to determine if any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are present. If ACMs are found, landlords should provide tenants with written notice of their presence and location.

Maintain Existing ACMs in Good Condition

Property owners should ensure that any ACMs are maintained in good condition, and not disturbed or damaged. Damaged or deteriorating ACMs can release asbestos fibers into the air, increasing the risk of exposure.

Limit Access to Areas with ACMs

Property owners should limit access to any areas that contain ACMs, and ensure that tenants are aware of the potential risks associated with exposure to asbestos fibers.

Provide Occupants with Information

Property Owners should provide tenants with information on the risks of exposure to asbestos, how to identify ACMs, and what to do if they suspect that they have been exposed to asbestos fibers.

Hire licensed professionals for removal: If ACMs need to be removed from a rental property, landlords should hire licensed asbestos removal professionals to ensure that the removal is done safely and in compliance with local and federal regulations.

Document Potential Asbestos-Related Issues

Property owners should document any activities related to asbestos, including inspections, maintenance, and removal. This documentation can help protect property owners & managers from liability if any issues arise in the future.

Be Proactive

Property owners need to take a proactive approach to asbestos management to ensure the safety of their occupants and comply with legal obligations. Hiring a licensed asbestos contractor to inspect and (potentially) remove any ACMs is a priority for any property owner or manager.

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